Look No Further!

Tayside Solicitors Property Centre


With an increasingly volatile property market, DJSCM was asked to develop and produce an integrated advertising campaign for TSPC. The campaign targets homebuyers and sellers by not only highlighting TSPC’s unrivalled market leading position within the local property market, but also emphasising that TSPC provides home sellers with maximum exposure when selling their home. We felt we should create an upbeat, bright and engaging campaign, this is highlighted through illustration, animation and colour palette. The overarching theme of sight is also emphasised by eye animation and the campaigns tagline “Look no further.”

20s Television Commercial

96 Sheet Poster

48 Sheet Poster

Digital Screen

Bus Rears

Social Media Package

Connecting spaces, faces and places.

Union Street Properties

APRIL 2023

With ambitious plans been unveiled for a thoroughfare that would finally link the legacies of Glasgow’s greatest architects – Charles Rennie Mackintosh and Alexander “Greek Thomson. The Mackintosh-Thomson Mews would run from Thomson’s Egyptian Halls in Union Street to Mackintosh’s hidden jewel, The Lighthouse, in Mitchell Lane. DJSCM have designed and produced an online movie which along with with support literature, demonstrates the unique and innovative design of these architectural masterpieces and the challenges facing the successful preservation and concurrent return to commercial sustainability of the buildings.

On-line Movie

St. Roques, Development

Blackscroft Property Company

APRIL 2023

Having commissioned a new fly-through movie of the Blackscroft development area the client felt the movie would be more informative and impactful with added graphics, voiceover and music. As well as the development movie a set of digital support literature were also created. The aim of these proposals is to reactivate the Blackscroft area, providing new affordable homes from existing decaying building stock and brownfield commercial yards. The jewel in the crown of the masterplan proposals is the regeneration of the valuable asset that is St Roques, transformed with a new public use and thus a financially sustainable future to protect the physical fabric of the building in future years, whilst acting as a fulcrum point around which a new community destination is created.

On-line Movie

Support Literature

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