In the 28 years since Dundee-based DJS Creative Marketing was established, it has grown in reputation by helping its clients’ businesses develop across a diverse range of sectors and markets.

For Managing Principal, Derek Souter, that’s the best possible recommendation. “We believed we could help improve client’s businesses, their sales, incomes and their profits - within realistic budgets.” This refreshingly straightforward approach is also carried through to the design process itself because, as Jimi Sutherland, Creative Principal, sees it, effective design is all about achieving the client’s aims - not the designers. Jimi says: The first thing we do is get a feel for the personality of the company, how the client works, what they’re trying to achieve. And then we can create visually integrated communications. It’s this combination of innovation and sound business sense that has helped DJS grow alongside its clients. DJS Creative Marketing offers advice and practical solutions across all media - from market research and media buying to digital design and advertising. As Derek says: We make sure that everything we do, and all the advice we give, is designed to give our clients a higher profile which in turn will lead to an increase in business.

The question that should be asked at the start of any communications brief is not 'What should it look like?' but 'What is it trying to achieve?’ It's a perspective that is designed to deliver results not just awards. It's an approach which constantly evolves and at an even faster rate as online- digital inexorable development continues apace and combines with traditional print and advertising options. DJSCM recommends varying combinations of to build awareness, drive enquiries and increase sales.

Any visual identity should reflect values both corporate and operational values. Effective and creative design is key to this with consistent implementation across all relevant marketing tools. The combination of graphics, typography and when selected a strapline, is a powerful communication channel, which is powerful in raising awareness of your organisation/business.

Online is now the primary communication system of choice for businesses and organisations of all sizes across all channels and sectors. Web activity drives digital communication and transactions therefore web presence is crucial and should benefit from consistent evaluation, evolution and investment. This affords the opportunity to compete in a marketplace facing massive uncertainty exacerbated by both Brexit and Covid 19.

In a fragmenting media landscape, which is experiencing unprecedented and rapidly growing change you need to know why who and where you’re advertising DJSCM has 35 year track record in media planning, buying and consultancy, has an excellent network of industry respected professional contacts and had been an early advisor of choosing the best media for the job rather than pushing a particular channel.

Printed material has declined in volume and type however, for most businesses print in some format is still vital e.g. leaflets, posters, brochures. The objective is to integrate this into a relevant digital/ online presence. Production expertise is still very much required and at DJSCM we’ve still got it and use this to your advantage.

Derek Souter
Derek Souter


Began his career is Media Sales (early 1980’s!) then became an Agency Account Director before establishing DJSCM in 1992. Dereks' skillset combines effective understanding of clients aims with the strategic planning skills to achieve the objectives set.

Jimi Sutherland
Jimi Sutherland


With well over 30 years of graphic design experience, Jimi heads up our creative team and brings both expertise and imagination to our business as well as overseeing all the company's output.

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